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Not all of my ##FORMFIELDS## are being processed within the templates.

The most common reason that fields are not parsed properly is an inconsistancy in spelling between how form fields are named and how they are referenced in the templates. Although the TemplateMailer templates are not case-sensitive, it is recommended that all TemplateMailer template fields be referenced in all uppercase within the templates, e.g. form field FirstName will be parsed with ##FIRSTNAME##. However First_Name will not be parsed with ##FIRSTNAME##, it must be referenced as ##FIRST_NAME##.

By default all .NET HTML and Web Controls are automatically recognized by the TemplateMailer system. If you want it to recognize other HTML fields or fields passed using the GET format be sure to have the AllowHTMLTags attribute set to true in your config.xml file. As such, the TemplateMailer WebDelivery service must always have this option set to true.

Additionally, when using radio button, checkbox and select form fields where no option is selected there is no value available to replace within the template. This situation can be resolved by using the SelectionVars attribute/hidden field to specify a comma-delimited list of these fields. When submitted, the TemplateMailer system will check to determine each of these fields has been processed. Any field which remains unprocessed will be replaced within the templates with empty text.

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