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I'm constantly redirected to another site, e.g. Disney.com when I submit my forms.

The TemplateMailer system supports a number of security protocols to prevent spam attacks as well as to enforce its licensing methods. When you submit your form either to the TemplateMailer server control or the TemplateMailer WebDelivery service one of the following actions might be taking place.

  1. If your license for TemplateMailer is a URL license, the TemplateMailer and TemplateMailer WebDelivery service must be running on your webserver under http://localhost,, or the URL you licensed under with and without the "www". If it is not, the TemplateMailer will redirect you to another location, usually this web site.
  2. The TemplateMailer and TemplateMailer WebDelivery does a primary check upon submitting data to it for the list of authorized referring URLs as listed in the config.xml file. If the referring domain is not listed it will redirect the user and not process the form.
  3. For added security, only those authorized recipients listed under the AllowedRecipients section of the config.xml and those passed through the TemplateMailer server control are authorized to have email sent to them. Any other submissions may be redirected to the unAuthorizedURL.

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