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The TemplateMailer system supports five templates for standard form functionality.

These include :

  • Subject Message - This is the message provided within the Subject line of the email. It is passed as a hidden variable with the form as "_subject".
  • txtTemplate - This is the template to be used to send all TEXT based email messages.
  • htmlTemplate - This is the template to be used to send HTML based email messages.
  • ThankYouTemplate - this is the template to be passed back to the user upon completion of the form. If a URL is provided within the "_redirectURL" hidden variable, this ThankYouTemplate is not displayed.
  • LogFileTemplate - This is the template format for logging information passed through the TemplateMailer system.

Each of these templates can be configured to display both static and dynamic text. Any of the fields/values passed from the Query or Post string can be easily replaced within these templates. For any of the variables from your form that you want placed within the email template, simply add ##FIELDNAME## to the appropriate location in any of the templates. This will substitute the field name with the values provided by the user.

To view an example of a text template, our Contact form uses the following template to parse and send messages.

For .NET developers it is also possible to pass within the code-behind your own Hashtable of fieldnames and values to be parsed within the template. For more information, review the Advanced Methods.

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