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Mail Server Settings

How does TemplateMailer send email?
The TemplateMailer system has builtin SMTP capabilities to send email messages to the mail server of your choice for relaying purposes. The relay server is required to automatically handle queuing, bounce backs, retries, etc.

Mail Server Authentication
If your mail server requires authentication to relay mail, this can be handled through the SMTPusername and SMTPpassword properties on the TemplateMailer server control.

If you are using the TemplateMailer WebDelivery service, open the SendTemplateMail.aspx file in a notepad or other text editor. Find the line which reads:

<cc1:SendTemplateEmail id="SendTemplateEmail1" runat="server"></cc1:SendTemplateEmail>

and change to

<cc1:SendTemplateEmail id="SendTemplateEmail1" runat="server" SMTPusername="[INSERT USERNAME HERE]" SMTPpassword="[INSERT PASSWORD HERE]"></cc1:SendTemplateEmail>

You will be replacing the [INSERT INFORMATION HERE] parts with your username and password to log into the mail server.

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