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The TemplateMailer.dll system allows the restriction of what hostnames can post to the forms in which it processes. These hostnames are defined as a comma-delimited string within the config.xml file. To add additional authorized posting hostnames, add them within the Referrers NodeElement. By default localhost, are added upon installation. The NodeElement should appear similar to
<Referrers>www.tectonicconcepts.com, tectonicconcepts.com, templatemailer.com, www.templatemailer.com</Referrers>
when completed.

For added security only those email addresses or domains specified within the AllowedRecipients node in the Config.xml file will be allowed to have email delivered to them as recipients. Addresses marked with the wildcard "*" will deliver to all addresses within the specified domain. e.g. *@templatemailer.com. NOTE. For .NET developers using the TemplateMailer server control, all addressed placed within the Properties for RecipientEmail, CCEmail and BCCEmail are automatically added to this authorized list.

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